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Neuroteadlased on avastanud, et parimad otsused ei põhine ainult ratsionaalsusel, vaid protsess on suuresti juhitud tunnete poolt. LinkedIn’i artikkel meenutab juhtidele, et tunnete osa ei saa juhtimises eirata.

Neurologically speaking, evidence shows that the most powerful sequence to integrate the information processing of these three brains is: Cardiac Brain (Heart) out in front, followed by the Cephalic Brain (Head), and then supported by the Enteric Brain (Gut).

Foto: Ekraanitõmmis
Foto: Ekraanitõmmis

So, let’s focus on your Heart first 

It’s really, really critical that this brain is engaged. I’m not saying you have to “be emotional”. But one of the prime functions of this brain is processing what’s important to you and your priorities (and its relationship to the emotional strength of your aspirations, dreams, desires, etc.)

We do our best work when we want to do it, when we believe it is truly important, and when it aligns to our values.

Why would you not appeal to someone’s sense of purpose to get the most out of their capabilities? You need the right amount of emotionally driven energy to ensure that people prioritize and act appropriately amidst competing demands. Anything less is just plain uninspiring and we all want to be inspired. 

Let’s focus on your Head next

This one is easy for you and for most leaders, as the Cephalic brain is the site of thinking, cognitive perception, and meaning making. And what gets this brain functionally optimally? When you have a fantastic and motivating reason to show up fully and commit 100% e.g. when your heart is in the game first.

At that point, your head brain is on fire and able to dream up options and possibilities that support this vision that is shaped by the heart brain.

This process of creativity becomes fully boot-strapped by your Purpose and then innovation and ideation become easy when you don’t “take emotion out of it”.

Finally, let’s close on a conversation with your Gut Brain

This brain absolutely has to be engaged to get the nitty gritty work done. Evidence demonstrates that it is the seat of core-identity, self-preservation, and – very important for you and the team you lead – Motivation. When are you most deeply motivated? As we said – when you truly are inspired by your task, your creativity and idea making are engaged in service of that mission, which then boot straps your courage and motivation appropriately in service of making your desired impact.

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