Brexit: 7 eestvedamise õppetundi

London Business School Review kirjutab, mida on Brexitist õppida leadership‘i kohta esimeste referendumijärgsete päevade järel.

  1. Emotion Beats Logic, And Hope Beats Fear

    The Leave campaigners focused their message at voter’s hearts not their heads, and on upbeat, positive themes: patriotism, freedom and hope. The Remain campaigners peddled hard logic and fear.

  2. Experts Don’t Count For Much At All

    There is a scary underlying point here – in a complex world, we need to rely on the knowledge of others.  But in many instances, from the consequences of Brexit to the effects of global warming, the arguments are so unfathomable that people give up trying to get to the truth, and fall back on gut feel. Deep expertise and sophisticated analysis gets you only so far: if you want to bring people with you, you also need to learn how to harness intuition more effectively.

  3. Activism Is A Priceless Quality

    As a professional politician, Nigel Farage is a loser, failing seven times to get elected as an MP. But as a grassroots activist he is hugely impressive. Activism is influence without formal authority, and every big organisation needs it.

  4. Know The Limits Of Crowdsourcing 

    The challenge you face as a business leader, essentially, is to match the issue with the competence and motivation of the people you are asking. Don’t fall into the trap of opening up big, unstructured questions to your entire workforce.

  5. Leaders Reap What They Sow 

    Watching Boris Johnson on Friday morning, you could see from his body language that he was starting to wonder what on earth he had done. He had treated the campaign like an Oxford debate – clever arguments and put downs, with no cares for the consequences – and now he is reaping the rewards.

  6. Time Your Run Carefully

    What’s the lesson – take a look ahead, play out the scenarios, and ask yourself: is this really the job I wanted to take on?

  7. You Aren’t A Leader If You Don’t Have Any Followers

    Formal authority, as every business leader knows, counts for almost nothing.  Leadership is a function of what you say and do that attracts others to follow you.

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