How to Cause Disruption and Create Change

LinkedIn artiklis kirjutab Richard Branson, et muutuste ellu kutsumisel on abiks kogenematus, teistmoodi mõtlemine, suurelt unistamine, kirglikkus.


As our brand name appropriately suggests, we had no idea what we were doing when started out. For most business people this would have been a bad thing, but we quickly learned that it was our biggest advantage.

Richard working for the Student Magazine
Richard working for the Student Magazine

Think differently

Even when we had learned the ins and outs of business, we held strong to this youthful spirit of inexperience, and overlooked the rules. Instead of doing things the ‘right way’ we opted to think and do things differently. I believe this is an attitude that all people who make a real difference share.

Dream big

Anyone seeking to disrupt the status quo needs to dream big. Most people laughed at the idea that the guy who brought them the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones could create a high quality airline.


Passion is one of the most important attributes that any change maker can possess. It keeps you focused on the job at hand, and ultimately separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

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