Piin & rahuolu: Karm tõde suurepärase reklaami loomise teekonnast

Copywriter Steven Shark kirjutab Mediumis, kuidas luua suurepärast reklaami, mis meenub ka aastate pärast.

  1. You Can’t Do Great Work Without a Great Brief
  2. Only Visionaries Buy Visionary Work
  3. You Must Hire Great Talent
  4. You Have to Be All In
  5. The Work Must Evolve
  6. Your Job Will Be On The Line
  7. The Client Will Have Their Eye On The Wrong Ball
  8. The Work Will Not Please a Committee
  9. You Will Have to Go to The Top of The Food Chain
  10. Focus Groups Won’t Get It
  11. The Focus Results Will Predict Nothing
  12. You Will Have to Hide Something
  13. Your Work Will Die a Few Deaths
  14. Sometimes It’s Better to Ask Forgiveness Than Permission
  15. You Will Have to Beg and/or Threaten
  16. Sometimes a Failure is Your Lucky Break
  17. Recognition Comes After
  18. Everyone Will Take Credit
  19. It Will Kick Your Ass
  20. You’d Have to Be Crazy to Do It Again

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