7 mõtet, mille järgimine aitab liidriks kasvada

Strateegiakonsultant, õpetaja, start-up investor ja äriraamatute autor Peter Cohen jagab oma kogemustele ja uurimustööle toetuvalt, milliste harjumuste juurutamine aitab juhina kõige teravamasse tippu jõuda.

1. Get your head above the weeds

Those who become CEOs invest more time to understand the organization’s deeper reason for being, figure out a new initiative it will need to do to realize that purpose, and let those with power know that they want to be in charge of making it happen.

2. Create and cultivate culture

One of the most important jobs of a CEO is to create and cultivate a company’s culture. So ask yourself: What kinds of people get ahead here? Do those values help or hinder the company’s growth?

If you hope to run a company, you ought to be able to see what your current employer does well and where it could improve. And you should know how you would do it differently if you were the boss.

3. Remove obstacles that keep others from succeeding

Great CEOs serve the people who work in their organizations. That means that focusing solely on your own needs will hinder your climb.

If you want to show your company’s leaders that you have CEO potential, start to think about how you can help others to do their jobs more effectively. After all, a talented leader will spend time listening to the people who are in charge of getting things done.

4. Set ambitious goals

One of the most important things CEOs do is to give people purpose. They do that by thinking of ambitious goals that will inspire the talented people they have hired.

If you are an employee now, ask yourself these questions: What ambitious goals is your organization striving to accomplish? Do those goals excite you? Do you see career opportunity in working to achieve those goals. You should look at your industry and develop a vision for it. Then, figure out how you would set ambitious goals to motivate others to join you in realizing that vision.

5. Give up control, but hold your team accountable

If you want to practice becoming a CEO, learn how to give up control to others. Tell them that your role is to provide direction and theirs is to figure out how to get there.

6. Coach, don’t micromanage

CEOs who insist on managing the tiny details of employees’ work will ultimately turn them off.

If you aspire to become a CEO, you need to coach people to figure out how to achieve the organization’s goals.

7. If you don’t love what you’re doing, quit

The CEO must be good at different skills as the company grows.

Intellectually, it may be easy to see that an early-stage CEO needs to be good at selling or building a product. But the CEO of a public company must communicate well with many different stakeholders and make sure that it follows regulations and procedures.

To make sure you are always the right person for the job, ask yourself these questions: Is your work critical to the company’s success? Are you the best person to do that job? Do you enjoy that work?

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